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Our Track Systems and Stage Hardware

There are seven track systems in the Triple E product range plus Variable Acoustic Solutions and Stage Hardware.

A robust, maintenance-free track with a variety of easy-to-install mounting options for walkalong operation. Ideal for masking, perimeter tracks, cycloramas and more for stage, studio, retail, sports, and office environments.
Flexible and reliable stage tracking for walkalong, corded or motorised operation of drapes on straight or curved systems, ideal for schools and smaller venues.
The original Triple E tracking. Strong and dependable, this is the track for tours and future flexibility. UniTrack™'s modular nature means it can change size, shape and purpose quickly and easily. A favourite of all crews, it sets the standard.
UniBeam is the ultimate track for the most challenging of drape and scenery applications on and off the stage. With a UDL of 1070 kg per metre UniBeam is used in main house venues and film studios across the world.
The perfect solution for tight spaces, continuous operation and hiding a large curtain in a compact stacking area. Equally at home in entertainment, art and retail environments, ChainTrack allows architect’s ideas to be realised.
ChainRail is a robust, reliable and silent chain drive system used in crematoria applications to ensure your drapes run smoothly, providing you with peace of mind. 
A variant on our UniBeam system, ChainBeam utilises a chain drive for precision movement and longevity making it the best choice for extreme scenery, video walls and projection mapping.
Track Drive Systems
From hand driven winches to our sophisticated yet easy to install electric motors - SDrive, TDrive and TracDrive - our motors can drive your loads of up to 400 kg.
Variable Acoustics
Specified worldwide by acousticians and consultants, our vertical acoustic solutions VariBanner and VariRoller are renowned for the ease and speed they allow a performance space's acoustic profile to be altered.
The foot operated UniJack™ is a premium solution for controlled movement of heavy scenery. Able to move loads up to 200 kg and braking up to 275 kg per castor the UniJack™ range can be used to smoothly manoeuvre scenery trucks, work benches, machinery and more both on- and off-stage.
Original Loose Pin Hinge
The first ever and still one of the strongest and most useable loose pin hinges with hundreds of possible uses on stage for joining and hinging scenery, props and much more. Packed with features, loved by stage crews.
Fabric Accessories
We’ve got what you need for the final connection - wire bonds, wire s-hooks, twin hooks and tab hooks.
  • Build It with BEEEM

    The Metric, Modular Structural System with toy-like simplicity, designed and manufactured in Britain. The endlessly reconfigurable BEEEM™ range is your choice for long-term investment, no matter your requirement. Available in 250 x 250 mm and 125 x 250 mm cross-section sizes, up to 2.0 m length with 75 mm hole centres.

  • Make it with ModTruss®

    The original, aluminium, imperial Modular Structural System for multiple industries. Reconfigurable and reusable, ModTruss pioneered the hollow beam concept with its lightweight aluminium design, giving a portable and adaptable product range. Available in 6" and 12" cross-section sizes, up to 10 ft length with 3" hole centres.