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EEE Build

EEE Build Ltd is the installation subsidiary of Triple E Ltd, embodying excellence through its core principles of "install, inspect, improve." We take immense pride in providing top-notch services, including installation, inspection, maintenance and expert consulting with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Backed by Triple E, we possess the capability to install their complete product range along with bespoke fabrications, stage engineering and structural systems. Our expertise spans across diverse industries, catering to high-profile clients in defence, construction, and live events. Elevate your projects to new levels of success with EEE Build Ltd's trusted solutions, backed by proven reliability and professionalism.

EEE Build Ltd. - Install, Inspect, Improve

Stage Engineering

Triple E Ltd is best known and loved for its stage engineering solutions. It all started with a pin hinge and has grown into automated tracks, simple curtain systems, variable acoustic solutions including banners, roller blinds and chain driven systems. Naturally, we at EEE Build are highly competent at installing all of Triple E’s world leading range of products. 

Bringing our own experience to bear we are also competent in a wide range of services.


Alongside Triple E’s innovative modular structural system BEEEM and MODTRUSS, we have a range of experience in ground supports and other structural solutions including truss, steelwork, Layher and other systems. We have worked closely with national and international clients in a range of industries from defence, manufacturing, construction and of course live events.

Rigging and Lifting

With a long career in rigging unusual items our Director continues this offering by fostering a culture of safety grounded in the rigging industry. As such we have a team of NRC level 2 and 3 riggers, some with LEEA qualifications, allowing us to offer a full range of rigging and lifting solutions to our clients whether as a stand alone service or embedded within our other offerings.

Servicing and Maintenance

Not only do we professionally install a huge range of equipment, we are also competent in the servicing and maintenance of that equipment. Whether the requirement is for annual preventative maintenance, restorative work, correctional works or remedial action we have significant experience in keeping things… on track.


It is a critical component of our structural installations work to be able to inspect and sign off structures competently.  EEE Build Ltd applies this in-depth scrutiny towards all equipment inspections. Not only are we proficient in carrying out inspections on the whole range and back catalogue of Triple E’s products we also complete rigging and lifting equipment inspections and load testing, PPE, LOLER and other inspections under relevant regulations such as PUWER and WAH, etc.