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Triple E quotes will provide you with a bespoke quote for corded, motorised and walkalong track layouts.

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We have been installing track and drape systems in crematoria since 2009 and have systems in place in over 50 crematoria around the UK. Our clients include Westerleigh Group, Dignity, local councils and independently owned crematoria from Stirlingshire to Aberystwyth to Penzance and back again.

Our robust and reliable ChainRail™ system ensures your memorial services always run smoothly, giving you and your clients peace of mind.

Using our experience in the theatre industry, our tracks are guaranteed to operate silently, maximising the calm and peaceful environment of every service.

We will visit your chapel to take accurate site measurements and discuss your requirements in a no-obligation consultation and provide a quotation, free of charge. Our staff are fully COVID trained and equipped with the necessary PPE to keep you and your staff safe.

A bespoke track system will be designed for you that exactly meets your needs, including custom control and drapes. Our control system has 4 operational modes - close, open, stop and auto. Our auto function is a programme that runs the voile and the front drapes in sequence and instructs the lights to dim over the catafalque.

ChainRail installation in a crematorium
ChainRail motorised system in a crematorium

Our Crematoria Track Control System

Our control system features 3 control positions - in the transfer room, at the podium and at the rear of the chapel. Each position can have as much or as little control as you like to work best with your operating procedures.

All our motorised systems are fully configurable - if you want us to adjust the operating speed of any drape we can easily do so during commissioning.

To keep your tracks running smoothly, quietly and reliably we offer an annual service contract to all our crematorium clients. Remove the headache of booking a service visit at the last minute by scheduling it in advance at your convenience.

Contact our team today to discuss your upcoming new build or renovation. Alternatively, discover our stage curtain tracks to find out which out of our range will be suitable for you.

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