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Make it with ModTruss®

The original, aluminium, imperial Modular Structural System for multiple industries. Reconfigurable and reusable, ModTruss pioneered the hollow beam concept with its lightweight aluminium design, giving a portable and adaptable product range. Available in 6" and 12" cross-section sizes, up to 10 ft length with 3" hole centres.

ModTruss and it's repeating hole pattern lends itself to literally thousands of accessories to expand its uses and capabilities. Automation products such as hinges, hydraulics, and telescoping tubes and of course Triple E tracks put the system and structure into motion.

Advantages of ModTruss

There are many benefits to this innovative building structural system. Pipe adapters integrate ModTruss with industries such as lighting and scaffolding. Stair products take ModTruss to new heights while the ModPanel serves as decking, walls, roofs, and more. 

The structure's modular design reduces the need for custom “one-off” fabrication and thus tremendously cuts down on waste. This modular structural system is designed for long-term re-use; modular by design - green in nature. The clover cut out in the truss makes ModTruss easily recognizable by the brand but also provides a security advantage. The truss has an open look that can be easily inspected at high-security events.

What sets ModTruss apart from other trussing products is that all three series are designed to seamlessly connect and work together, allowing for a high degree of compatibility between them. This Modular truss system is used across several applications including concert staging, film and broadcast, aerospace access and theatre and scenic events.

As a UK Modtruss supplier, we have a wealth of experience collaborating with diverse clientele and are ready to apply our innovative approach to your industry when needed. We adhere to industry standards and are familiar with creating tailor-made accessories to meet specific requirements. Our values are based on delivering straightforward and dependable solutions to address your unique challenges. Let’s make yours today!

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