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ChainRail is a robust, reliable and silent chain drive system used in crematoria applications to ensure your drapes run smoothly, providing you with peace of mind. 

ChainRail combines curtain track systems into one, utilising ChainTrack as a motor to drive the curtain and Erail to carry the curtain along the track. It is an ideal track for crematoriums looking to improve the efficiency and smoothness of their services.

ChainTrack consists of a machined ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) system which carries the upper portion of a 3/8” duplex roller chain in a machined UHMW guide. Erail is a compact profile extruded aluminium track incorporating various comprehensive parts and components enabling it to handle all applications other than the heaviest professional main curtains.

The ChainTrack motor transmits power through a chain sprocket which drives the upper section of the duplex chain. Movement is then transmitted to the Erail master carrier using an ‘L’ shaped bracket which is used to carry your curtain along the straight or curved track.

ChainRail has a 3-phase motor of at least 4Kw power which increases according to the predicted carrying and frictional loads. The ChainTrack motor is located at one end of the track, however, if there are height constraints with your operation, the motor can be shifted to the opposite end where it can be side mounted.

All ChainRail chain sprockets have two ball-raced bearings which have a life expectancy of over 50,000 cycles based on a 25 metre (82 foot) long track. Some installations of ChainRail can utilise direct struck limits as an additional safety feature and all control systems feature either variable speed or soft start features, crucial for avoiding chain snatches on startup.

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Triple E will provide you with a bespoke quote for corded, motorised and walkalong track layouts.