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Stage Curtain Tracks

Here at Triple E we design, manufacture, and install durable, reliable stage curtain tracks for the theatre, film, TV, and events industries across the UK and Europe.

Stage curtain tracks are the backbone of any performance and, without them, curtains, scenery, drapes, and effects cannot be utilised to the fullest potential. Our goal is to support you in finding a suitable stage curtain track that not only meets your requirements but brings your performance to life.

Stage Curtain Tracks

19 April 2021

Choosing a theatre curtain track

Curtain tracks come in 3 different forms, each functioning differently and fitting a specific application or requirement.

1. Walkalong

Description: ‘works by walking with the curtain (pulling) in the desired direction you wish for it to move along the track (to open or close).’

Suitable for: small venues such as drama studios, performing arts spaces, and applications outside of the entertainment industry including retail, sports halls, offices, schools, and community halls.

Ideal for masking curtains, perimeter tracks, blue screens, green screens, and cycloramas.

All of our curtain tracks can be used as walkalong, but our 2Way track product combines exceptional performance with a discrete, compact size and is now often our choice for walkalong requirements. 

Visit our products page to discover our full range of curtain tracks.

2. Corded

Description: ‘operated via rope and pulleys which push and pull the curtains or scenery along the track. Can be manually operated or motorised.’

Triple E systems uniquely have many different cording options including rear fold, front fold, side cording, and curved cording along with the independent corded drapes on a single track not found with other manufacturers.  

Suitable for: All performance venues or anywhere that requires corded operation from a fixed operating position.

Ideal for main house curtains, backdrops, traveller tracks, mid-stage tracks, and scenery.

Explore our Erail, UniTrack and UniBeam curtain tracks and our motor range to learn about how they function.

3. Chain Driven

Description: ‘operated with a chain drive system for repeatable, high positional accuracy, high load capacity, and extra-long lifespan.'

Suitable for: large performance spaces and in art and retail environments and special purpose uses. 

Ideal for heavy-duty cycle systems, heavy decorative drapes and scenery, large curtains or drapes which need to be hidden from sight efficiently and neatly, and theatrical effects.

Discover our ChainTrack and ChainBeam curtain tracks to find out how they bring performances to life.

All our stage curtain tracks are available as different effects including straight, L-shape, U-shape, and perimeter styles, either as a single curtain/scenery wipe or an overlap.

We also provide a wide range of mounting solutions to ensure your tracks can be attached to soffits, ceilings, floors, and walls, or we can design and manufacture a bespoke component to perfectly meet your requirements.

How to choose the right theatre curtain track?

The weight of your curtains or scenery and your overall theatrical requirements should be considered when choosing a curtain track.

Using the above, you can match one of the three types of curtain tracks to your requirements which will help narrow down your search and identify a type that is right for you.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our team, please get in touch and one of our experienced staff will get back to you to help identify the track that is right for you.

Why Triple E?

Fast, efficient delivery

At Triple E, we maintain a high level of stock to ensure your tracks are at your door and ready to install in days rather than weeks. Our supply chain is 95% UK based with the rest coming from the EU, enabling us to meet tight deadlines without long lead-in times.

With many of our manufacturing and finishing processes carried out in-house such as rolling custom curves, turning motor shafts, and machining drive sprockets, we're also well served to respond quickly to your special requirements. 

Knowledge and expertise

We have over 35 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing stage curtain tracks in the theatre, film, TV, and events industries. Many of the innovative engineering solutions found in the industry today would not exist without Triple E.

Our tracks have become the industry standard and are used worldwide, as well as in some of the UK's most prestigious venues including London’s Royal Opera House and Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Theatre tracks from theatre people

We are run by individuals who live and breathe theatre and production which means we truly appreciate and understand the unusual constraints and requirements of the industry.

Half of our staff have been employed within the entertainment industry with the rest bringing valuable skills and knowledge from the worlds of design, construction, industrial rigging, and manufacturing. 

Each department is fully trained to understand your needs and to recommend, manufacture, and install solutions that are right for you. This expertise and experience enable us to offer everything from consultation to custom design to manufacturing to installation, whether you are looking for a theatre curtain track to move your velvet house curtain or searching for a motorised track to bring a bespoke stage effect to life, we have the right track for your needs.

Additional Products and Services

Variable Acoustic Solutions

We provide a range of variable acoustics including the VariBanner and VariRoller. Custom designed for each product to ensure an exact match of the venue requirements, these acoustic solutions are used by acousticians and consultants around the world and excel at the efficiency of acoustic profile altering.

Custom Track Drive Systems

Our hand-driven winches and electric plug-and-play track motors cover almost all requirements for motorised track operation. We also offer custom track drive systems to help carry extremely heavy loads for specific and unique applications and can be specification built to perfectly fit your needs, as well as combine with third-party show control systems.


If you are looking for a solution to move and effectively brake large scenic elements then discover our UniJack, a foot-operated solution capable of carrying loads of up to 200 kg and braking up to 275 kg.

These units also have significant use in an industrial setting for the movement of machinery and have even been used for church pews!

Loose Pin Hinges

Our loose pin hinges were the first on the market and are an extremely reliable and durable option for those looking to join and hinge scenery, drapes props, and more.

Modular Structural Systems

We are the UK and European official and exclusive distributors for ModTruss, leading modular construction system providers. We work closely alongside architects and consultants to construct anything of their imagination and our very own curtain tracks help to put this into motion.

Fabric Accessories

We also provide individual fabric accessories including wire bonds, wire s-hooks, twink hooks and tab hooks. All fully compatible with our entire range of tracking systems. 

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