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A variant on our UniBeam system, ChainBeam utilises a chain drive for precision movement and longevity making it the best choice for extreme scenery, video walls and projection mapping.

ChainBeam is chain driven UniBeam so shares the high strength and flexibility this system provides. ChainBeam should be used for systems that are carrying exceptionally high loads and systems that will have a high duty cycle as ChainBeam requires very little maintenance. The system can be fitted with either incremental or absolute encoders, direct struck and/or belt driven limit switches depending on the specification.

ChainBeam is stocked in 6.1 m (20’) lengths, using this extrusion with the UniBeam runners we can create bespoke systems for complex problems using standard parts.

Key Points

  • Stocked in 6.1 m (20’) lengths

  • Same profile as UniBeam

  • Low maintenance

  • Perfect for high duty-cycle requirements


There are a number of diagrams available for this system, showing possible layouts and product dimensions.

ChainBeam Documents


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