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Precision Engineering and CNC Machining Services

Precision engineering has always been at the core of our offerings at Triple E and since 2018 we now have CNC machining and associated processes in house.

With the move to our much larger premises at Biggin Hill, London, we were able to absorb Thorley Engineering and re-locate them to Triple E. Thorley Engineering is a name familiar to many within the entertainment industry and they have been machining parts for us over many years. Their fully equipped precision engineering workshop with CNC machining centres and lathes gives us the facilities to mill, turn and profile aluminium, steel, plastics and composites on site. 

This investment has enabled us to increase our product range and further reduce our already short turnaround times on our stock parts, custom motors and chain driven systems by producing our own sprockets, shafts and pulleys.

Bespoke Precision Engineering

Whether your requirements are for a single part or a hundred, prototypes or a full production run, we can make it for you. Our experience includes winch and pulley parts for entertainment engineering clients; precision work for new installations; replication of heritage pieces for museums and exhibitions; batch runs of key components for manufacturers; custom trophies and even solid silver Whiskey bottle tops ! We have the experience required to fulfil all your precision engineering needs.

We enable designers, artists and engineers who require specialist knowledge to develop their ideas and require goods manufactured to the highest standard, whether it’s custom parts for vintage vehicles or an air horn component for every train in the south of England.

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