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Colyer Fergusson Music Building, University of Kent

Designed by Tim Ronalds Architects, and opened in 2012, the Kent University Colyer Fergusson Music Building sits within the University's Canterbury campus. Intended to complement the existing Gulbenkian Theatre building the blockwork exterior of the building leads to a well-appointed performance space with hidden acoustic treatments.

Colyer Fergusson Music Building, University of Kent

22 March 2021

Designed from the outset to have a flexible acoustic arrangement, the unique Triple E ChainTrack system is used to retract drapes into hidden pockets by turning near impossibly small radii and disappearing through carefully concealed slots in ceiling and wall. 


Draperies that hide inside walls is quite normal for the design team at Triple E. This project’s wow factor is the double-sided drapes that can turn within the hidden pockets to show different faces to either blend in or contrast with the warm Douglas Fir interior of the space. 


Controlled with the push of a button to achieve a series of pre-sets, the ChainTrack and control systems continue to offer reliable and precise movement of the acoustic drapes for a variety of performance types, even as it approaches its tenth installation anniversary.  


As part of our on-going aftercare, Triple E’s installation and servicing branch EEE Build periodically attends site to perform safety inspections and general maintenance. Checks on the drapes are also performed to ensure there is no adverse wear and tear and that all programmed positions are still correct.


With our dedicated team of design, inspection, installation and electrical engineers and fitters, Triple E can offer a full service package for your venue covering stage tracking and other stage equipment and can sign off equipment as fit for use under LOLER, PUWER, PPE, WAH, HASAWA, etc as required.