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Celebrating 40 years of innovative design

We are extremely proud to celebrate our 40th anniversary, marking four decades since our founding director, David Edelstein, established Triple E Ltd! Our journey began with the creation of the Loose Pin Hinge, an innovative design that not only earned us our first ABTT Product of the Year award in 1984  but also transformed theatre ironmongery.

Celebrating 40 years of innovative design

26 February 2024

But truly just how radical was this idea?! Well, Triple E Loose Pin Hinges can now be found everywhere, and David devised this ingenious solution to an age-old theatre problem. Before him carpenters were drilling out pins on regular back flap hinges and creating pins to replace them. He radically changed this practice with his brand new, fully featured, off-the-shelf pin hinge. Our Loose Pin Hinge has subsequently been copied by a number of companies but ours is still the best, boasting the highest array of labour saving and innovative features. 

To honour this incredible milestone we're offering you a special deal throughout March.

Get 20 Pin Hinges (10 Pairs) for just £5.77 - as if it were 1984 again! 

Use code PINHINGE40 when placing your order.*

(Our original Pin Hinge flyer from 1984)

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our customers for their business over the past 40 years and for making this impressive milestone possible.





Terms and Conditions: Triple E - March Pin Hinge Offer

Offer Details:

1. Validity Period:

  • The "Triple E - March Pin Hinge Offer" is valid from March 1, 2024, to March 31, 2024.
  • Orders placed outside this timeframe will not be eligible for the promotional pricing.

2. Quantity Limit:

  • Customers are eligible to purchase up to 5 packs per customer of 20 Pin Hinges (10 Pairs) at the offer price of £5.77 per pack.
  • Any orders exceeding the specified quantity limit will be subject to standard pricing.

3. Promotional Code:

  • "PINHINGE40" must be used by the customer at the time of order and cannot be applied retroactively.

4. Shipping, Delivery and Collection :

  • Our standard policies apply.

5. Cancellations and Returns:

  • Our standard policies apply.

6. Limited Stock:

  • The offer is subject to stock availability.
  • Triple E Ltd. reserves the right to limit the quantity of Pin Hinges sold at the promotional price based on stock levels.

7.  Changes to Terms:

  • Triple E Ltd. reserves the right to interpret, amend, or terminate this offer at our discretion.