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ModTruss Makes More of the World a Stage

The Pleasance Theatre Trust has bought its first venue. Designed by Triple E, the pop-up 80-capacity ‘Project 33’ will launch at the ABTT Theatre Show in June before going on to host eight shows a day at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

ModTruss Makes More of the World a Stage

27 March 2017

A first major UK application for Triple E ModTruss™, the award-winning Meccano-style construction system, Project 33 will provide a sought after alternative for the courtyard-based Pleasance Beside.

In stark contrast to the prefab cabins which preceded it, limited to 8ft to fit through the archway access, Project 33 will arrive flat packed and provide a 13ft internal height to the benefit of lighting, production and performance.

With a unique clover and bolt-hole pattern repeated every 3" on all six sides, ModTruss™ has unlimited connection points, allowing the product weight to be reduced without sacrificing any of its strength. And with a huge line of accessories, wheels, hinges, plates, mounts, ModStairs™ and ModPanels™ among them, ModTruss™ can safely provide for almost any stage design.

Project 33 is designed for a fast build and breakdown. The flooring is created using joist hangers and timber joists. The main structure consists of 6" and 12" ModTruss™, with sleeve blocks running up the masts to raise the theatre grid and roof in one piece via electric chain hoists. The cladding is a unique curtain walling system, designed by Triple E, insulated and sealed to keep out the elements.

At ABTT, The Pleasance will present performances in Project 33 and use the space to share a taste of its Fringe programme plans for 2017. Triple E will be there to discuss its design approach to pop-up theatres and the use of ModTruss™ in the entertainment world.

Anthony Alderson, Director of Pleasance Theatre Trust, said: "We look forward to showing off the colourful and innovative new Pleasance Beside this summer in Edinburgh. The design and its possibilities are very exciting and will give us opportunities to expand our thinking for the venue and for the Pleasance generally."

David Edelstein, Managing Director at Triple E, comments: "The history of The Pleasance is all about making the most out of found spaces and exploiting available sites for performance with the tightest of budgets. The Pleasance has never commissioned a bespoke venue before, but Director Anthony Alderson was immediately enthusiastic when I explained our ModTruss™ theatre solution, Project 33, which we will build and hand over at the ABTT Theatre Show."