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Triple E Expands Factory Facilities

In anticipation of a busy 2019 order book, Triple E has recently completed a move into larger premises, which has also included a complete restructure of the warehouse to improve efficiencies and production work flow.

Triple E Expands Factory Facilities

21 February 2019

Triple E had outgrown its previous warehouse, having been there for the past 16 years, and the company has now settled into a larger facility which has doubled the square footage of their office, factory and workshop. The expansion has also provided for improved training facilities for distributors, installers and specifiers who visit Triple E, as well as dedicated meeting room spaces and improved office facilities.

The increased footprint has enabled a more streamlined factory and warehouse layout with additional yard and storage facilities and a larger demonstration area for clients to see the products first hand in the factory setting.

The transition to a larger unit on the same industrial estate has also enabled the team to assimilate Thorley Engineering seamlessly into the work flow. The 2018 acquisition of Thorley Engineering – a supplier to Triple E for over 25 years – made clear business sense. "I'm delighted that we have been able to ensure continuity of supply by incorporating Thorley Engineering into the Triple E family" explains David Edelstein, Managing Director, Triple E. "Dave Thorley and his highly skilled engineering team bring a wealth of experience and a long-standing appreciation of the Triple E brand. It made perfect sense to bring them into the company to facilitate a seamless and speedier production process."

The important acquisition of Thorley Engineering is an integral part of Triple E's expansion and investment plan, and this, combined with a larger factory space has enabled the company to significantly increase their engineering workshop capacity and manufacturing output. 

Triple E are in a position to pre-fabricate larger structures on site, whilst also being able to hold more stock as well as house the new engineering division. This has resulted in an expanded workforce to be able to serve the increased workload Triple E are experiencing with their popular product lines. "We are already seeing improved efficiencies being in our new factory.  It's been great to incorporate a brand new machine shop for Thorley Engineering’s important contribution as manufacturer of all the machine parts for our motorised systems" explains David. "Product turnaround is notably faster, and we can deliver with shorter lead times and react more speedily to our customer requirements. We can also now offer machining services to our existing, and new customers, and we are also in the process of developing a number of new products."

"Thorley Engineering and Triple E make a formidable team. The company values are the same with pride in our work, efficient turnarounds and high standards of manufacturing. The years ahead promise exciting new challenges and we are in an excellent position to build on the foundations we have established and embrace those challenges head on."

Triple E incorporating Thorley Engineering are still located on Airport Industrial Estate, with a new address of 13A Wireless Road, Biggin Hill, Westerham, Kent, TN16 3BW, and can be contacted on their usual number +44 (0)1959 570333, [email protected].